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Cedar Creek Lakefront at Leo's Landing

Cedar Creek Lakefront,Leo's Landing

Luxury Lakefront Homes at Cedar Creek Lake

Welcome to Leo’s Landing, an exclusive residential community by 821 Investments LLC, where modern living meets unparalleled comfort and elegance. As a proud subsidiary of 821 Investments LLC, a reputed real estate development and investment company, we are committed to delivering exceptional projects with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, and sustainability.

Discover the unmatched beauty of Leo’s Landing, where stunning waterfront views meet elegant design. Join us in redefining luxury living under the guiding vision of 821 Investments LLC, setting a new standard for comfort and community.

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Our dedicated team of professionals works passionately with esteemed partners to create a luxurious haven that caters to discerning tastes. At Leo’s Landing, we strive to foster a sense of community while offering world-class amenities for relaxation and recreation. From our beautifully designed homes to our carefully curated common areas, every detail is crafted to provide an exceptional living experience.

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Located in Caney City, TX on Cedar Creek Lake

About Us

Leo’s Landing is a unique waterfront gated community, nestled in Caney City, Texas, and dedicated to establishing a harmonious blend of comfort, luxury, and community spirit. We are the first of our kind on the lake in the last four years, a testament to our ability to innovate, adapt, and overcome obstacles to fulfill our vision.

Our team is a powerful collaboration of industry leaders, including Weaver Construction, C-Tech Construction, Brannon Corporation, and Richard Avery Realty Group. Together with our banking partners and esteemed investors, we form a unit that aims for excellence in every endeavor.

We’re thrilled to offer more than just a place to live, but a place to call home. We’ve carefully crafted Leo’s Landing to include an array of amenities for our residents, which will include a playground, sport court, clubhouse, and a pool. We have entered into a partnership with the renowned company Whirlix to ensure that these amenities are of the highest standard.

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